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R. Ashok Kumar, B.E(Electrical), M.E(Power Engineering,Electrical),

Member, Asiatic Society of Bombay, Member, Bombay Natural History Society, Negentropist, Anti-Nuclear Group, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal,

299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

E-mail: ramaswami.ashokkumar@gmail.com

5th November 1993.

© 2011 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar


The gory scene on Mahul Roads

And in the midst of Tarapurs and Dahanus

The roads ride roughshod under furiously

Tired cushions of ionised dirtairs,

On wheels of engines internal burnairs,

Losing every time ninety percent of

Ancient fusion’s stored powers

By spewing greenhouse sea level raisers

Or deathly ice-age harbingers,

With radioactive gaseous exhausts

Infinitely more than the natural

Of nearby nuclear reactors

Infinitely more than the natural,

Or plutonium caesium separators

Leaking plutonium caesium and strontium

And emitting noble gases and argon

And Krypton and Tritium and Carbon Fourteen

Infinitely more than the natural,

Adding to the greenhouse effect terror,

Monsoons flush them never,

In the small planet’s biosphere,

Forever accumulating to infinitudes ever larger,

Causing synergistic irradiation

Of moist oxides of sulphurs

Triggered by a few oxidisers,

Causing rich soil to permanently spoil,

And photosynthesis to fail;

All the aciduous build up of

Gross nature produce smoked

With ten times or more acids in the rains,

Into irreversible insolvency in the ekkiescentury

And barren visions turned into desertifications:

All these in spite of Kalkian Green Vohra’s efforts

Via peer reviewed papers at IAEA symposia proper

Requesting deep study of the nucleation amplifying

Irradiators in a firmament full of past fusion’s glory

And present fission’s fury,

Evil forces prevailed over warnings saatvic

Issued by the Vohra avatara !


The combined horror of Dahanus and TAPPs

Dahanis! Ten times the acid rains of Dahanus !

From Trombay to TAPP, Ukai to Kakrapar,

Ballabgarh and Badarpur to quake prone Narora,

From Kalpakkam the stone melter amplifying

The Basin Bridge acidifier,

To Karwar, the new super thermal situator

And Kaiga forever destroying Western Ghats reverdure,

Oh! You saviour from the sea-gravy winter,

Oh! You creator of the greenhouse summer,

Oh! You saviour from the nuclear winter,

Oh! Nature conqueror see the photosynthesis failure,

Where tell me where is my house?

Washed away is Vashi, oh! Shiva Shiva!

Let not my daughters be nagasatied

By the whims of kryptomania and americiuma

Into the lifeless plutoniuma and neptuniuma

And centuries of caesiuma!

Alas! This time lady luck did not take care

To favour your serendipity, what a pity!

What a pity! Too late to extrickate

From life’s potholes, this way nuclear

That way nuclear no way clear

I am feeling hungry

But no cheeku, no chana, no khana!


As this was unfolding into chaos however,

A catastrophe beyond the design basis thought power,

Shook humanity’s modernistic stupor,

Even though forewarned decades earlier,

In the fiery graveyard shift: Grid’s misfit;

Blade and shaft vibrations,missiles and hydrogen explosions,

Again the black eerie Narora predicament?

The sleepy nucleorats Kumbhakarna uncover

Whose cause alas it is too late to discover,

In time for hiding behind the the turbine’s

Unconventionally conventional but right,

Wholly non-radioactive ‘misdemeanour’,

Or the overlooked non-separated cables electrical,

To the cooling water pumping motor;

Leaving unreliable passivity to

Fortuitious fire-engine’s promiscuity,

And the clanish politician’s mercy,

To keep two thousand buses standby,

While the operators groped like ghosts

In the wee hours to figure out,

In the toxic smoky smelly turbidity,

The cold comfort offered in the figure of eight,

To the core willing to melt

And rip open the domes to disgorge

Its billions of curies of permanent devastation,

Into the Ganges and onto her plains!

Just at this time a huge earthquake

Caused exactly this apocalyptic bifurcation of chaos

Putting all in a state of ultimate terror:

Cannot go inside, cannot go outside

Which way to go oh n-baron the saviour?


The trouble with cheerful prophets of

‘These cannot happen here’ is that

They can assure us only as far as they can see;

Out of the bags the cats have all jumped out,

Leaving their tell tales all over forever,

Its raining the omnicider which however,

With the monsoon winds go deep interior,

Raining hot spots and radioactive sprays

The sirens are all wailing,

The people are all howling,

While the BARC’s phones are failing,

And all the potholes full,

The tankers in double file on Mahul Road,

The radioactivity is spreading incurable curies,

But none could be evacuated: all hungry and angry,

But too late to elect, the bifurcated chaotic choice dear Vasco,

The gamma, radon and poloniuma outside

Or the dread of the killer quake if you elect to be inside!

No cheeku, no cheeni, no chana, no khana!

Only irradiated chemically transformed

Viral poison they call ‘food’ is there,

Bombarded by millions of curies gamma rays,

‘Food’ which even the virus mutate to feed!

But mortals are not given the power to decipher,

The ‘Food’ from the ‘Cancer’ producer,

Gene splicer and heredity manipulator,

Even on this and on all of us all over,

Oh! Blessed Lord! Even under normal operations

Dreaded infinitely dripping invisible nuclear-cider,

Deals every year a Windscaled Chernobyl or more

From terrible irradiated waters, soils,

Airs and terrible deep seas from down under,

Their levels permanently higher than ever,

Radioactively and visibly forever!

Communist and Capitalist fundamentalist fervour

Neither coming to the aid of luckless males

And liberalised subcontinent’s aboriginals

From Jaduguda to the Northeast Domisiat

Gesticulating on their low down stocks

Exchanging depressing wails all,

At last enter the everlasting fallower :

Life biomagnifies the omnicider nuclear!

Ending diverse lives splendour

Oh! Coming generations dear

Take good cheer from the factor,

Transcending all is the Unknowable Mentor!

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Friday the fifth of November

Nineteen ninety three after!



18.11.1993 The Times of India

Mishap at N-plant averted

NEW DELHI, Nov. 17 (PTI):

Rigorous safety inspection of atomic power plants

launched by the atomic energy regulatory board

(AERB) following the March 31 fire at Narora plant had

averted what could have become another incident at

unit one of the Madras Atomic Power Station(MAPS),

according to AERB sources.

They said that four cracks were detected in the

turbine of MAPS -1 at exactly the same place where cracks

had appeared in the turbine of the Narora plant.

An expert team of investigators had concluded that

the Narora fire was due to a certain chain of events starting

from the failure of ther turbine blades that had cracked.

Turbine- generators for all of India’s nuclear power

plants have been supplied by the Bharat Heavy Electricals


The development of dangerous cracks in identical

places in the turbines of two nuclear plants has made all

BHEL turbines suspect, the sources said.

The sources said that one could not rule out an

incident at MAPS-1 had the turbine with cracked blades

continued to operate. The defective turbine has since

been replaced.

According to AERB, the turbines of all power

reactors except that of the Kakrapar station in

Gujarat have been inspected.

The BHEL turbines are based on the original

design supplied by the General Electric Corporation

of the United States. A few years ago GEC had

informed all its clients to modify the manufacturing



What is the worst case scenario during the tsunami for the Kalpakkam N-Power Station?

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